Swingley's Mom
Swingley's Mom
Name Unknown
Age 40's
Race Caucasian

Job Possibly None
First Appearance Shame on Pee (cameo; deceased)
Voiced By Unknown
Swingley's Mom is the mother of Swingley. She is a hippy-dippy ultra-liberal parent who appeared in the episode Shame on Pee.


Swingley's mom first appeared in the episode Shame on Pee, where she made a brief cameo. She was seen in Swingley's room, introducing him to a man named Fred, who was his exact blood match. She was seen happily telling him that she was going to be cured, implying that her son was going to die of a terminal illness and this man was going to save her. However, at that very moment, a giant boulder smashed through the wall, killing her and Fred.


Swingley's Mom is a hippy-dippy white woman with huge, blonde hair. She has a red bindi on her forehead and has three freckles on each cheek. She has blue eyes and red lips that are most likely colored from her lipstick. She has a blue headband, and earrings of the same color, and a white pearl necklace. She has a purple jacket and an aqua, oceanic dress. She has tan jeans and blue shoes without socks. She has very thick, blonde eyebrows. Overall, she dresses like a stereotypical hippie.


  • Swingley's Mom died in the episode that she first appeared in, but considering how creative and colorful of a character she is, and how she is the mother of Dylan's love interest, who will very likely reappear in the series, this death will only be a gag and she will return, without any struggle or mention of her previous death.
  • The bindi on her head and her very peaceful, tranquil personality implies that she is a Buddhist.