Old Gory
Old Gory is a flag obtained by Dylan in the episode Winter Is Staying. It's a flag made out of roadkill that she used as the place marker for her snow fort.


At the beginning of the episode Winter Is Staying, Dylan introduced Old Gory. She described it as "a roadkill flag made out of roadkill". She then hung it up on the flagpole of their snowfort. Just then, the sun came out and started melting it. Golan accused Old Gory of being the reason for the fort melting but Dylan corrected him.

At the end of the episode, while the new and improved snow fort was under attack, Dylan showed Old Gory to Carole and explained how she learned how to sew this together. Carole was amazed that she was able to do it and Old Gory even bit her, revealing that some of the parts of the dead anaimals used to contruct this were actually still alive. Golan, Dylan, and Carole hung Old Gory up on the flagpole of the snowfort and exposed it for all the world to see. This was all until spring arrived and melted the entire snowfort, making the flag worthless.


  • The name of Old Gory is a pun on "Old Glory", a nickname given to the American Flag.
    • Old Glory is also the name of another lesser known American Flag, carried by American sea captain William Denver who obtained and flew the flag during his career from the years of 1803 and 1886 and claimed it to be the original, as opposed to the one that was used in the war of 1812. To this day, there is still some controversy over which is the "original" but the one that he obtained is a lot more ragged and tattered than ours. This may have been what Old Gorey was also supposed to be lightly referencing to, with it being all ragged and clothy and made out of roadkill.
  • It is implied that certain animals parts of Old Gory is possibly still alive. Dylan said that one part was still twitching when she sewed it together and when Carole picked it up, a snapping sound was heard and she said that she thinks it just bit her.