Golan Minsky Pickup
Minsky Pickup is an 1880's fanfare tune, originating from the Minsky's Burlesque variety shows. It was created by the four brothers, Abraham, Micheal, and Herbert, and Morton Minsky. It was used as a recurring background sound in their vaudeville plays, and affiliated with the punchlines on their jokes, for comedic effect. The tune became iconic for their shows, and entered the public domain, not too long after their shows finished production. Since then, this one simply tune has seen widespread fame and is now used as stock music in countless different forms of media, from TV shows, to movies, to other songs. Just like from it's original source, Minsky Pickup is also used, whenever a joke is told, though most of the times, it's done ironically, (which isn't saying much, due to this being "ironic comedy") and will usually be done for jokes that make fun of themselves, for instance, a character making a cheesy pun in a genre that usually doesn't follow that style of humor. The tune is often used as the ending tune to a comedy show as well.

In the Pilot episode of "Golan the Insatiable", Golan made a joke about Alexis dating Keith, followed by him singing the Minsky Pickup. This was also the last line of dialogue in the episode, making this a true homage to the original nature of Minsky Pickup.




  • This is the first musical number in the series, if you don't count those from the pilot season.
  • Golan singing this song at the end of the episode is an allusion to classic comedies that also happen to do the same thing. This was also expressed with Golan looking at the camera while he said this and giving the audience a wink after he finished.
    • The fact that his head was sticking out of a hole in the wall at the time could have also been an allusion to the famous circle vector from Looney Tunes, wherein characters from the show would stick their heads out of the circle vector at the end of the episode and say or do something funny.