Golan the Insatiable title
Golan the Insatiable is an animated television series created by Josh Miller. It is based on stories written by Miller that appeared on the website Something Awful. The first season aired on Fox's Animation Domination HD programming block. The second season airs on Fox's Sunday Funday programming block.

Plot Edit

The series depicts a demigod warlord from the dimension of Gkruool named Golan the Insatiable who is banished to Earth by his world's rebels and ends up at the home of the Beekler Family in the town of Oak Grove, Minnesota. He ends up befriending the family's goth-like daughter, Dylan Beekler, who becomes his acolyte as he learns about Earth customs, causes havoc in Oak Grove, and plots to return to Gkruool.




Additional VoicesEdit

  • James Atkinson -
  • Patrick Casey -
  • Abbey McBride - Mackenzie B (season 1)
  • Tara Strong - Mackenzie B (season 2)
  • Kaitlyn Robrock - Mrs. Budnick
  • Nick Rutherford - Keith
  • John DiMaggio - Mayor of Oak Grove, Kruung (season 2)

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