Golan the Impregnable
Golan and Dylan bust through the roof
Season 1, Episode 6
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Air date July 19, 2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Golan the Impregnable is the sixth episode of season one of Golan the Insatiable as well as the season one finale. It is the sixth episode overall.


After failing many time to rule Earth, Golan tries to become king of Oak Grove High School's Pre-Coming Dance, but Dylan later realizes they made a terrible mistake.


In a flashback to three years ago, Keith is Dylan's big buddy. But when he meets Alexis, he abandons Dylan for her. In the present, Golan is trying to defeat various figurative kings to become a literal king, and thereby rule this dimension. But he keeps failing. Then he hears that Keith is likely to become king of the Pre-Coming Dance, and Golan decides he should try to become king, himself. So he starts attending Oak Grove High School, and carpools with Alexis. Dylan fears that Alexis will steal Golan away from her, just like she did with Keith. So she tries to foil Golan's plans. Knowing that all the teenagers would find magic dorky, she convinces Golan to do magic at the rock quarry party all the cool kids attend. However, he uses the Gkruoolian Tome to perform real magic, and the kids think it's cool. Later, Dylan uses to Tome herself, to make Golan pregnant, since Carole had dropped out of high school years ago, when she became pregnant with Alexis. This plan also backfires, as the kids all thing nothing is cooler than a pregnant teen (something that only happens in big cities). This ensures that Golan will become the Pre-Coming King. Finally, Dylan tries to find a way to help Keith win the election. But in the end, Dylan and Golan make up when he births an abomination that only the two of them could love... and Golan realizes that with his post-childbirth body, no one but Dylan would think he's cool, anymore.


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  • This is the last episode of the series, before it's cancellation.
  • The title of this episode is a pun on it's show and character Golan the Insatiable.
  • Much of Dylan's backstory is revealed in this episode.
    • Dylan used to be best friends with Keith and they did everything together. Keith worked for one of those Buy a Buddy businesses and Carole must have called him over every week because even back then, Dylan couldn't make any real friends.
    • It is revealed that Dylan used to be a very happy and loving little girl who loved life and enjoyed all things frilly. However, Keith started to abandon and ignore her, once he fell in love with Alexis, causing her to become very depressed and vengeful, and to start hating everything.
    • It also reveals the black mascara marks under Dylan's eyes are not mascara, they're scars from when Dylan was a kid and she clawed her eyes in anger over Keith leaving her.
  • This episode makes lots of references to Richard Beekler from the pilot season of Golan the Insatiable. They appear to be trying to make it canonical that he was once part of the family and also a mystery of what happened to him, causing him to no longer be there anymore.
    • In the flashback of Dylan's early childhood, Dylan begins to lament about the loss of her father to Keith, saying "I never thought I'd have a male role model in my life, especially after what happened to my father." But before she can continue, Keith shushes her and tells her that she doesn't need to talk about that until she's ready.
    • Dylan confronts Keith and tells him that since Golan abandoned her for Keith, there have been three men that have left her. The first one being Richard and the second one being Keith.
    • After the ending credits, Carole is heard screaming "RICHARD!"
  • Carole mentions that she got pregnant with Alexis while she was still in high school and that one of the teachers at the school was her real father, but she doesn't remember which one.
  • This is the first time in the series a censor bleep is used.
  • The song St. Elmo's Fire played many times in this episode. First when Golan became really popular for being pregnant, again, on the radio, when Golan was shaving in the bathroom, and finally, at the end of the episode, during the outro, when everyone was being attacked by President Penis.
  • When Golan found out that Dylan was the one who impregnated him, she sarcastically said "Wow, look at the little mystery solver, solving the big case." This is a retaliation of a quote from the episode Shame on Pee when Golan said the same thing to Dylan when she found out how the Shomoculus' weakness was other people admitting their most shameful secrets.
  • Falafel King is a parody on Burger King.
  • Keith said to Dylan "Do you know how to beat a pregnant teen, Dylan? Because you don't look like an Islamic Fundamentalist to me." This is a joke on how Radical Muslims are notorious for beating and abusing women even if they're going through pregnancy.
  • One scene shows Dylan chasing Keith and smashing the double doorway slightly open with a croquet mallet. She then puts her face up to the window and talks to him, while making a realistic-looking face. This is a reference to a scene from The Shining, where Johnny breaks a hole in the door with an axe and puts his face up to the hole in the same fashion and says "Here's Johnny!"
  • A running gag in the episode is for the word "Home" in the word "Pre-Homecoming Night" to be censored every time the word shows up on screen. This is continuation of Keith's quote at the beginning of the episode, saying that cool kids never call it the full name because that's what dorks say, so instead they abbreviate to to "Precoming Night".
    • In the scene where Keith explains this, he shows them a poster for the Pre-Homecoming Night, with his hand covering the word "Home".
    • When they go to the Pre-Homecoming Museum, a statue of a guy holding a basketball with his arm extended, is covering the word "Home" in the sign on the building.
    • At the night of the Pre-Homecoming dance, a giant tree branch is seen covering the word "Home" in the banner at the entrance of the dance.
  • One of the girls from the pilot episode Ragin' Fun was seen as a character in this episode. First, at the Rock Quarry Party, commenting on Golan's magic spells, and again as one of the kids congratulating Golan for being pregnant when they found out about it.
  • At the Pre-Homecoming night, the band seen on stage was very likely a portrayal of The Sota Boys. The people who sing the recurring song, Minnesota is the new California in the show.


  • In this episode it reveals the marks under Dylan's eyes are scars. Although in the Pilot, when Mackenzie B and her friends did her make-up, the scar was removable as if it were mascara.
  • It is implied in this episode that the reason Richard wasn't in the family anymore, was that he and Carole were divorced or that he walked out on the family. However, in the episode On Golan Pond, it was implied that he died of Robot Aids.
    • It is possible that both happened though. Richard divorced Carole first and then found a new love interest with a robot girl and died from getting Robot Aids from her.
  • It is also revealed that Richard walked out on the family when Dylan was only a little girl and far before she ever summoned Golan into her dimension. However, in the pilot season, Dylan is the same age she is in the series and Golan is already living in their house with them.
  • In the flashback scene to when Dylan and Keith were younger, Dylan is seen dropping her lollipop on the ground when Keith and Alexis walk away. In all subsequent frames, showing the ground under her, the lollipop is not there.
  • In the scene where Golan is shaving in the bathroom and Dylan tackles him, sending him through the wall, Golan is seen wearing a bathrobe when he's still in the bathroom. However, in the shot where they come out the other end of the wall, Golan's bathrobe disappears.