Name Fred
Age 40's
Race Caucasian

Job Unknown
First Appearance Shame on Pee (Non-Speaking Cameo, Deceased)
Voiced By N/A
Fred is a guy who appeared in the episode Shame on Pee. He is a guy who was apparently going to donate blood to Swingley until he was crushed by a boulder and killed.


Fred made his first and only appearance in the episode Shame on Pee, where he made a non-speaking cameo. He was seen in Swingley's house, in his room with him. Swingley's Mom was introducing him to Fred, saying that "He was his exact blood match and that he'll be cured." Fred apparently was donating blood to Swingley because he had some kind of terminal illness and needed the blood of someone else to help him. However, just at that very moment, a giant boulder smashed though the wall, killing Fred, along with Swingley's mom. Because of this, Fred could no longer donate blood to Swingley, implying that Swingley is now destined to die. However, this was only a gag, and there was never any other mention of this, so it's safe to say that Swingley is alive and we will him again. Fred on the other hand, is now officially deceased.


Fred is a tall, white man with nice, brown hair and a mustache. He has nerdy, black glasses and green eyes. He has a white long-sleeved shirt and a green vest. He also has tan pants and light blue sneakers.