Name Esther
Age 20's or 30's (deceased)
Race Caucasian

Job Model
First Appearance Shell-Raiser
Voiced By N/A
Ester is a girl who appeared in the episode Shell-Raiser. She was a replacement model for Carole after she lost her job at the Modeling Agency.


Esther appeared in the episode Shell-Raiser. After Carole broke her arm, she could no longer work as a gesturing model anymore and so she got cut from the Modeling Agency and so, Esther took her place. The Modeling Agent had her work at the unveiling of the World's Largest Bowl of Chili, but she, and the modeling agent were eaten alive by a giant refrigerator, that was summoned by Golan in an earlier scene and she died, so Carole got to take her place as the gesturing model, once again.


Esther is a blonde haired Caucasian woman with a magenta dress and blue pearl earrings.